What is the DeRose Method?

The DeRose Method combines high performance techniques and concepts that develop better overall human performance, resulting in more strength, power, flexibility, balance, movement coordination, breathing, concentration, relaxation, as well as stress management good human relations, and nutrition. The method’s aim is to increase consciousness and self-awareness.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life is to make your existence uncomplicated, to do what gives you pleasure, happiness and promotes health and well-being.

"Quality of Life is to fulfil physiological and ergonomic needs, to adopt habits that improve and maintain the functionality of the body, emotions and intellect. It is the improvement and development of our abilities, in virtue of the trio: good nutrition, good health and good mind." DeRose

DeRose Network


The DeRose Network is represented by over 250 establishments worldwide offering the ultimate luxury of convenience to our more than 50,000 members worldwide. Our entities offer a friendly and personalized membership experience fostering a healthy and productive lifestyle. All members have global access to all the same excellent services, ambience and benefits when traveling with locations in New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Lisbon, Rio, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

All accredited DeRose Method entities are autonomous and independent. We are not a franchise and pay no royalties to the Professor DeRose. We opened in March 2010 and are owned and operated by Gustavo and Sonia.

Professor DeRose

DeRose is a writer and educator covering a broad spectrum of subjects including philosophy, self-awareness, well being, etiquette, nutrition, fiction and biography. He has written more than twenty books and has been published in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. More about DeRose...


This is a place where you will learn techniques and concepts which will catapult your performance, resulting in ever better quality of life.

High Performance Training combining physical techniques and philosophical concepts


What do surfing World champion Kelly Slater, Master Jiu Jitzu Antonio Antonioli, Tennis Grand Slam champion Guga Kuerten and true boxing legend Wanderlei Silva have in common? They all train with the DeRose Method to help them to reach their full potential.

“If you practise the DeRose Method alongside another sport such as running or tennis, not only will your physical and mental abilities strengthen, but your chances of injury will reduce significantly. Also, by following our method with dedication, you will improve your life as a whole, because you will feel more aligned with yourself, more in control, full of energy and vitality."  facebook.com/roygeertsfanpage Roy Geerts, Champion Race Driving

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Use the DeRose Method to train your mind, to maximize your performance, to cope with pressure, to perform at your best, to become the best versions of yourself. 

Erwin Museur . Manager Design, PEUGEOT

"From the very beginning I've enjoyed the classes because I felt that they produced positive effects very fast. In the first months I learned very efficient tools to increase my vitality, I improved my breathing capacity as well as my flexibility and muscle tone. Soon afterwards I started training my mental capabilities. The theoretical knowledge explained in conversations added great value to my personal and professional growth.

With the DeROSE Method, I developed my potential and more self-awareness. I feel better day-to-day, calmer and more prepared to face challenges.

As a professional, I felt a significant improvement in my ability to prioritize my tasks, in conflict management, stress management, and in my ability to lead others. This resulted in significant growth in my career opportunities because my colleagues and superiors realized how much I had progressed and trusted me with new responsibilities and leadership roles."


The DeRose Method Leaders Program is for business and organizational leaders and their teams seeking proven tools that enhance personal and professional performance.

A central reason our programs have been so effective is a direct result of our emphasis on improving overall health and quality of life, both for individuals and teams.

We understand that an individual's physical, emotional and mental health must be sound and stable to attain genuine and long lasting results. This leads to improvements in concentration, cooperation and team working skills, creativity, insight, productivity, and eventually exceptional reductions in absenteeism.

Businesses around the world are discovering the unparalleled ROI that our programs provide. We individually tailor each program according to the needs and objectives of each client, offering a cost effective investment in the overall health and performance of every business’s greatest asset, its human capital.

A few of the businesses that have invested in the DeRose Method Business Programs around the world include Coca Cola, Nestlé, Adidas, Exxon Mobil, Petrobras, Bank of Brasil, Shell, Loshpe Maxion, DuPont, Merrel Lepetit, Ishibrãs, Exxon, CGP2 North, the National College of Buenos Aires, the National Technological University (NTU), the Instituto Tecnolõgico de Buenos Aires (ITBA), the Konex Foundation, the Borges Cultural Center, Vintage Air, among many others.

WHAT we offer:

  • Conferences
  • Personal Training | on-site or via skype
  • Activities in professional events
  • Business courses | Sessions 15 min to 1 hour
  • Adapting to the needs of society
  • Partnerships

WHAT you get:

  • A more motivated work force
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • Improvement in interpersonal relations
  • Reduction in sickness absence levels
  • Contributes to your Duty of Care and to your Corporate Social Responsibility