DeRose Method

The DeRose Method is an interweaving of concepts and techniques arising from very ancient cultural traditions.

It is a proposition of life style coaching, emphasizing a greater quality of life.

Some of the tools we use are: meditation and focus, respiratory techniques, stress management, strength and flexibility. Our ultimate goal is to develop a high performance living.

DeROSE Method Network

A global leader in the field of high performance and quality of life for 58 years.

All over the world

DeRose Method combines techniques and concepts that develop better overall human performance and more quality of life. The practice takes the practitioner far beyond the initial benefits of health, strength, flexibility, balance and body-awareness towards the greater goals of expanded consciousness and self-knowledge.

Some of our techniques are:

  • Breathing exercises to oxygenate and energize;
  • Organic cleansing techniques to stimulate the internal organs;
  • Physical positions for strength and flexibility,
  • relaxation and stress management exercises to absorb all these effects

Experience how DeRose Method can improve your life:

  • Train your mind
  • Maximize your performance
  • Cope with pressure and manage your stress
  • Perform at your best
  • Become the best versions of yourself.

If your time is priceless and you want to bring your lifestyle to an upper level, speak with us. On online classes you will still have instructor’s feedback, corrections and follow up.