Quality of Life


Quality of life is to fulfil physiological and ergonomic needs, to adopt habits that improve and maintain the functionality of the body, emotions and intellect. It is the improvement and development of our abilities, 
in relation to the triad: good nutrition, good health and good mind.

This is our Vision



Welcome to our way of life! Want to get involved? It's not all about the physical practice. Our concepts promote constant learning, culture, social events, good food and taking care of yourself. The aim? A happy, healthy you in all areas of your life.



Interested in learning more about our 2000 + range of physical, breathing and meditation techniques? We have a full timetable of classes, from beginners to advanced.



Our school is a vibrant and positive environment and part of a network of DeROSE Method schools around the world. We take part in international workshops and festivals as well as our in-house social calendar.

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Professor Gustavo Cardoso

He is a passionate practitioner, a valuable friend and one of the oldest students of Professor DeRose.

His accomplishments include training over 22 instructors and opening 13 schools worldwide. The DeRose Method provides an ideal platform for Gustavo to share his passion about human development and help improve the health of others by offering insightful advice in regards to body shaping, eating habits and meditation and wellbeing.


Instrutor Nikki Craven

Nikki began practising the DeRose Method in 2011 and loved the practise so much she took the decision to join the profession. She qualified in 2017 and is a passionate and dedicated instructor. One of the only ‘brits’ in the DeRose Method, she drinks A LOT of chai. On the surface, she is quiet and polite but she has powerful side, which you’ll notice in the classroom!


They Take Care Of Your Body And Mindf

Have you ever experienced a hard day of work after sleeping poorly the night before? You feel exhausted, low energy, low enthusiasm and are mentally tired. Not cultivating good physical health and a clear mind is something that will hold you back. Many people say they don’t have time for this. But, this mental shift is a must, and a fundamental part of being successful. So, not prioritizing it means that your actions counter what you really want. It is crucial to set time aside to get your body and mind fit through physical activity (for the body) and meditation (for your mind).


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