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Beginners Classes: 

Beginners classes are designed for… beginners! Starting something new is always a little bit of a challenge. Teachers are here to teach, help and lift you up in a such way that you feel good since your very first class. Each class is unique, featuring a selection of more than 2000 DeRose Method exercises.

The beginners classes comprise:
:: Breathing exercises to oxygenate and energize;
:: Organic cleansing techniques to stimulate the internal organs;
:: Physical positions for strength and flexibility,
:: and relaxation exercises to absorb all these effects.


Intermediate/ Advanced Classes (SwáSthya):

The advanced classes are the most complete of our method. The student will be introduced to a significant collection of ancestral techniques that develop and sustain improved human performance, providing a sound foundation self-knowledge.

A bundle of 8 techniques that will pull you up containing techniques that prompt you to expand your body, mind, emotions and intuition. Classes are designed for students that are used to our style and they want more. You can move from the beginners to the intermediate when your instructor advise you to do so. Intermediate classes are open for students grade sadháka. Advanced classes are open for students grade yôgin.

These classes are extremely complete, composed of eight techniques:

1. reflexological gestures;
2. energetic interchange;
3. vocalization of sounds and ultra-sounds;
4. expansion of bio-energy through respiratory techniques;
5. purification activity for the mucosa;
6. organic body techniques;
7. relaxation technique;
8. concentration, meditation and more expanded states of awareness.

Meditation Training

An enhanced ability to focus is essential for a successful life, on every level, physical, emotional and intellectual, or area, professional, social, or with the family. The Meditation Training aims at developing this skill. With the duration of 30 minutes, the sessions explore the diversity of meditation techniques that the DeRose Method provides. 52 different exercises are experimented, enabling the students to find which are the most favourable for their own practice and life purposes.

Circle of Visualization

Circle of visualization is a very traditional practice where ancient techniques are used to empower the energy of the group through breathing exercises, vocalizations of ultra-sounds and pleasant visualizations. This practice is considered a very important event in which we get together to execute not only the techniques, but also to empower the social aspect of learning enjoying each other’s company. We also use this activity for the students to graduate to higher degrees. The most important objective of this enjoyable practice is to create archetypes of what we desire to achieve, our personal aims in our lives

Ancient Physical Techniques

In the first stage, the physical positions develop body awareness, motor coordination, and the elasticity of the tissues, articular flexibility and muscle tone. With regular practice you will learn how to keep the positions stable, comfortable and aesthetic: the breathing must be conscious, deep and rhythmic, while you localize your consciousness, focus and maintain a deep feeling of intention and a strong sense of purpose.

Choreography, Conscious Movement

Develop your all encompassing skills of fluidity, improvisation, through the intuitive management of vital space, exploring one of the main characteristics of the DeRose Method, the choreographic sequences.

Theoretical Class

Theoretical classes are philosophical deep dives, embracing different subjects from our philosophy. We discuss and go deeper into many of the aspects which provide the foundation to the DeRose Method. To know more of our background, history and points of view as a philosophy can be instrumental in helping to comprehend practice with more pleasure.

Reading Circle

We introduce relevant books for the understanding of our Culture, its origins and its practice. An abstract of the book is presented, and brief comprehensive excerpts are read aloud by the participants.


Given by the school Head teacher, expanding on the theoretical, philosophical and cultural concepts of the DeRose Method. These classes improve performance in the practice of the method and in life: they provide the foundations and understanding of the principles and results of the techniques.
This workshops provide the improvement in technical, philosophical and cultural aspects of the method, contributing to the practitioner’s personal development and improving the quality of performance in all areas of life.

Festivals and Worldwide Events

Our festivals happen around the planet in nice places in the best hotels. At the moment our most famous festivals are in Florianopolis, Porto, Sao Paulo, Hawaii, Buenos Aires and many other smaller events around the place.

Professional Teaching Course

Becoming a professional of any area is a really serious thing. We teach not only how to become a professional of DeRose Method, but how to excel in all areas of your life.

Gustavo Cardoso

DeRose Method Gustavo.jpg

Gustavo Cardoso started practising the DeRose Method in 1995. He has trained over 200 instructors to date and has opened 13 schools around the world.

He is a affectionate practitioner and guardian defensor of the name of Professor DeRose. He loves to teach new pupils becoming new professionals of DeRose Method.

With all his grand parents from Europe, (Portugal, Spain and Poland), he always felt a big curiosity how could be living in other continent, so in 2001, he move to Portugal and opened 2 schools and trained a few instructors, when decided to move to London.

Sonia Ferreira

Sonia Ferreira perfil.jpg

Co-founded DeRose Method London in 2010 with fellow Gustavo Cardoso.

She holds a degree in Mathematics and a passion for the Universe and philosophy.

She considers all these interests merged perfectly when she discovered DeRose Method in 2005. She teaches since 2006.

Her open and expressive nature has great influence over the running of the South Kensington school, always encouraging others to reach their potential while helping them channel their individual creative expression through this art of life.

Photography and travel aficionado..

Our unparalleled experience and expertise translates into lifelong results for our students.


For over 50 years, the DeRose Method has been empowering individuals not only to improve themselves but also the world around them. Our unparalleled experience directly translates into a personalized and inspired experience for members. Our professionals are renowned for their knowledge, expertise, education and friendliness, due to our industry leading vocational education program. All DeRose Method professionals revalidate their certifications annually and are provided an array of opportunities for professional growth.



We have over 50 years of experience training DeRose Method professionals. The complete DeRose Method vocational training course is a total of twelve years, organized in a tier system. After successfully completing the first year of intensive studies and exams the new instructor can begin working and gaining experience as a DeRose Method professional, meanwhile continuing to study and progress in the tier system.


1.First Stage A preparatory course at any of the Accredited DeRose Method Entities.

2.Second Stage The University Extension Course reviewing the course material with Prof. DeRose, the preceptor of the DeRose Method.

3.Third Stage The residency progam is 2,000 hours and can be done at any of the Accredited DeRose Method Entities.