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DEROSE METHOD South KensingtoN

26 Wetherby Mansions, Earls Court Square
SW5 9DJ London

Phone:  020 3560 6863
Mobile: 079 0353 3686

Opening Times:
Weekdays 10am-7pm . Saturdays 10am-1pm


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Some people say...

“I am an un-athletic 40 year old with three kids under 6, a very busy business life and a penchant for enjoying the finer things in life. Like most other City people time and stress are a constant battle. Despite trying to stay aerobically fit since my 20’s, up until I started DeRose 2 years ago I had suffered from on and off chronic low back pain for years, even marrying a Chiropractor to try and get rid of it! Sonia and Gustavo have genuinely revolutionized the way I think about my body, my breathing and their work has hugely increased my flexibility (not that most of my fellow students can tell watching me in Class). I have never done so little actual aerobic exercise but I have never felt better. Best of all I almost never suffer from low back pain. If you are only going to do one form of exercise do DeRose.” Rory H.


"DeRose is London best kept secret. I walked in by accident about 2 years ago and have practised ever since. This is the only place in London where I can totally disconnect from a hectic life and focus on the practise. The place is peaceful and welcoming, staffed with a superb team. The practise transforming physically but also mentally. Highly recommended for those who want to gain body awareness in a totally relaxing place." Anne Moulier-Morganti


"Finally! - a form of exercise that suits me and, believe me, I've tried so many! The Method has been life changing. If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you, and DeRose does that every time. The SouthKen teachers are inspirational, generous and encouraging. Without fail, I feel energised, relaxed, stronger and, most importantly, happier after each class. I'm hooked!!" Katie M.


"The DeRose School in South Kensington is a truly extraordinary place. The atmosphere amongst students is warm, relaxed and friendly and above all the staff are professional, genuinely interested in you as an individual, and unquestionably experts in every aspect of the technique. I feel really fortunate to have discovered the DeRose School. I am an absolute beginner and I am encouraged and challenged by every class. I had lots of preconceptions about yoga and was a little fearful of the mysticism that I thought was inseparable from the discipline; I don’t experience that with DeRose. If for no other reason you should enrol for a week’s trial just to get the recipe for their chai! Seriously, I can’t recommend it highly enough." Malcolm C.


"With DeRose you will remember the flexibility you had when you were at school, discover lean muscles in places you never imagined that existed in your body, drink the most delicious chai tea, and most importantly, make friends with some of the most positive, kind people, you will find in London." Jorge P.


"I went initially for only a trial week after being recommended by a friend whilst visiting Buenos Aires. I’ve decided to stay on as every doubt in my mind was evaporated. The Management at DeRose London are a joyful delight and run the school with meticulous creative eyes from the pristine contemporary interiors to most importantly the classes. The teaching is very personal and the teachers thoroughly understand what is best for your body type through their evident experience. DeRose is very dynamic and amongst several benefits it ignites the natural rhythm in the body that is often blocked away. You are sure to find it challenging (of course) coupled with becoming accustom to the simplistic way of wellbeing. Enjoy!" Elaine


"I have been at the DeRose Method School for one month and have been amazed at how inviting the atmosphere and staff are. I have had excellent instruction in every class I have attended and each instructor pays attention to detail to maximise learning and performance. I am so impressed with the progress I have made and it is due to the kindness and excellent quality the DeRose Method School offers. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for both spiritual and physical healing!" Ishani P.


"The Derose Method London... How do I love thee let me count the ways!!It really is an oasis of all that is good. Led by exceptional teachers you will realize your body's true potential in a mindful yet playful way.
First the challenge then the chai!" Caty R.


"After searching for the perfect method for many years, one day I came across The DeRose Method on the internet and instantly it fascinated me. After now practicing for 4 months I manage to get into to posture which I haven't been close to before. The DeRose Method just doesn't teach posture it does as well contain, breathing exercises, meditation, visualization. I eat less, sleep less and feel more focused in general. The classes are always fun and challenging and as the classes normally have have between 4 to 10 students you receive more attention. Gustavo and Sonia are always there to correct you if you are falling out of your posture. What more can I say The Rose Method is tip top standard, Many thanks for finding the way to London" Ted S.


"I have been practicing at the DeRose Method for over 2 years, the experience has been wonderful. The school counts with welcoming and professional instructors that make practicing the Method a pleasure. After every class I feel full of energy and ready to take on any challenges and stay positive throughout the short winter days. I would greatly recommend the method. Give it a try, its worth it!" Andrea A.