Vitality, Energy, Strength & Flexibility


Adopt a method that improves your strength, flexibility, and vitality intelligently.

Our classes guide you through breathing, physical exercises and relaxation techniques for becoming stronger, more flexible, healthier and energised. The small class sizes means you can reach your specific training goals, evolving quickly and safely, with experienced and dedicated instructors.



You will learn:

  • How to develop your strength where you need it most
  • Techniques for stability and balance
  • The importance of stretching safely and gradually
  • Series of ásana (physical positions), ranging from basic to advanced
  • Techniques for enabling your mind and inner attitude to allow you to progress further in your training
  • How to connect sequences of movements
  • Effective breathing techniques to maximise your performance, both inside and outside of the classroom

“I am an un-athletic 40 year old with three kids under 6, a very busy business life and a penchant for enjoying the finer things in life. Like most other City people time and stress are a constant battle. Despite trying to stay aerobically fit since my 20’s, up until I started DeRose 2 years ago I had suffered from on and off chronic low back pain for years, even marrying a Chiropractor to try and get rid of it! Sonia and Gustavo have genuinely revolutionized the way I think about my body, my breathing and their work has hugely increased my flexibility (not that most of my fellow students can tell watching me in Class). I have never done so little actual aerobic exercise but I have never felt better. Best of all I almost never suffer from low back pain. If you are only going to do one form of exercise do DeRose.”

— Rory Hardick


Old habits will keep you from achieving your potential

Some of the tools we use are respiratory re-education, stress management, organic body techniques that promote vitality and energy, procedures that enhance emotional relaxation and mental concentration.



Watch some of our techniques