A “To do” for your Healthy Daily Life

Abdominal Contractions. Do this exercise regularly…

Will help you dissipate the tension accumulated in your abdominal area and purify your internal organs. The abdominal contractions act as a massage on your whole digestive system. It also is anti-depressive, anti-aging and self-empowering as it acts on important glands and plexuses such as the enteric nervous system. Spread your feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees slightly and press your hands pointing inward against the top of your thighs. Incline your torso forward and exhale all the air from your lungs. While holding without air, lungs completely empty, make dynamic abdominal contractions: pull your abdomen inward and upward strongly and deeply and then release it. Make as many contractions as you can while holding your breath. The first time you carry out this exercise you should aim at making 10 strong abdominal contractions per breath repeat the exercise three times. With practice you will increase the number of contractions you can make each time that you hold your breath.

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