Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Kensington

Try our mindfulness-based stress reduction in Kensington and change your life for the better

Whether work is getting you down or you’re currently facing some hurdles in your personal life, we all need some down time to reflect and de-stress. To do so allows our mind and our body to recover, giving us a boost and contributing to a much healthier state of mind. If you’re struggling to get some headspace and are beginning to feel the physical or mental effects of it, perhaps now is the time to act and try something new.

Try our classes and improve your energy levels

Here at DeRose Method South Kensington we offer a safe space in which you can learn a whole new method to help improve your mind and body. Our method allows you to still your mind and enhance your mental clarity and focus, giving you the opportunity to shut out the noise and grow as an individual.

Our classes are held in our body and mind academy and you’ll be joined by a few other likeminded people who are looking to achieve similar results to you. You’ll get the chance to experience clarity, learn new tools to cope with stress and above all else you’ll be able to contribute towards having a happier and healthier new brain.

To book your trial week now, follow the steps on our website and book today.