Expansion of bio-energy through breathing

Prána* means bio-energy; ayáma, expansion, breadth, intensity, elevation. Pránáyáma designates techniques that are always of a respiratory nature, and lead to the intensification or expansion of prána in the body. Prána is the general name that Yôga assigns to any type of energy that is manifested biologically. In theory, prána is energy of solar origin, but also possibly manifested after metabolization, that is, indirectly, when absorbed by air, water or food.

Prána, of a generic kind, can be divided into five more specific types: prána, apána, udána, samána and vyána. These can each be further divided into various subpránas. Prána is visible. On any sunny day, execute pránáyáma and fix your eyes on the blue of the sky. Wait. When your vision adjusts itself, you will begin to see myriads of incredibly dynamic and brilliant minute points that glimmer, making their rapid circular and sinuous movements evident. When executing your respiratory exercises, mentalize that image, that you are absorbing that energy.

(Master DeRose, 2007, Swasthya Yôga Shastra, S. Paulo: Uni-Yoga Nobel, p. 227)

*The accentuation of the non-translated Sanskrit words respects the original pronunciation of the language.