Graduation in Brasilia

Wednesday 9 of February, 2011

Author: DeRose
We are in Brasilia attending he graduation of new Instructors conducted by the DeRose Method Federation of Brasilia. It was a perfectly organised event. Everything was perfect through to the last detail of the menu. Trainees and parents had shining eyes, the speakers were great (they were careful not to ramble which was optimum) and Suassuna recited the Pledge by heart!
We counted with the presence of congressman Mr Chico Leite and fellow James, President of the Federal District's oldest Rotary Club. Everything was beautiful, went to sleep with a light heart.
Congratulations, Maria Teresa, congratulations organising team, congratulations to all graduates.
The committee of the Graduation was Helen Milanez, Asa Norte Unit (Brasilia), Ricardo Sousa, Southwest Unit (Brasilia), Carrer Padro, West Unity (Goiânia) and Lana Melo, Unit Bueno (Goiânia). Thanks to these instructors, the ceremony was a success.