The perfect love... that never comes

Author: Prof. Gustavo Cardoso

(or the perfect job, friend, house, salary...)

You must have already asked yourself why that particular friend of yours is always alone, waiting for an idealised partner.

I have also wondered about some of my beloved friends, who are unable to keep a relationship for more than a couple of months and always end up complaining about the faults of their last partner. In time they end up either causing us laughter or pity.

Whether it is regarding work, friendship or family, we all have the dream of perfection. That one day we will be happy and we let the best of our lives, the present moment, go past unnoticed. Never to return.

I have a very dear friend who keeps changing jobs. In search of the perfect environment, the perfect wage, the boss that does not complain (when he arrives late), the office that is closer to his place... In my view, despite the qualities that get my friend easily accepted in any enterprise, my friend cannot feel satisfied in any situation.

My point of reflection is: Maybe our search for the perfect situation, moment or person in our life is preventing us from enjoying the present, what you have right here right now, which is the best part of life.

According to Prof. Marins, a Brazilian anthropologist, the majority of the people spends 55% of their time re-living past moments, peaks of happiness or of sadness, and 20% of their time dreaming of the day in which they will be happy, after some particular problem is solved.

My question is: are you also spending your time in this way?

Think about this, have a great week, and be successful!