The Power of Intuition

Author: Gustavo Cardoso Intuition is nowadays often mentioned, but few know how to use it or even how to stimulate it.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, intuition is: intuition |ˌint(y)oōˈi sh ən| noun

  • The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning : we shall allow our intuition to guide us.
  • A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning : your insights and intuitions as a native speaker are positively sought.

I would like to add, if I may, that intuition is like a muscle. If you stimulate it, it will gain more and more strength, maybe more flexibility. However, if you never use it, or if you misuse it, the tendency is for it to become poorly developed, deformed, enormous.

The fact is that almost all of us have intuitive flashes during the day, or even during the night, when we wake up with something in mind; yet instead of turning the light on and taking a note, we decide to turn to the other side and keep sleeping ‘for it is not the moment to worry about nonsense’.

It is proved that leisure and creativity walk together, and you will find it hard to have intuitive flashes while your consciousness is absorbed with mechanical issues. In the movie Walk the Line, we see Johnny Cash writing the lyrics of his most famous songs by the riverside, sitting with the guitar in his hand.

A long time ago Prof. DeRose sent us a letter with an invitation for his last trip to India. That was a historical event, since going to India with Prof. DeRose would be an unforgettable experience in all of our lives.

When I read the letter I felt sad, because I thought I would not have the slightest chance of saving the money for the airplane tickets, accommodation, trips and pocket, at that time a huge amount of money in only one month. I resigned myself to that and left the idea behind.

A week later, on an unforgettable Monday morning, in a meditation session it suddenly it came to my mind: I am going to India! . I commented my idea with my partner and colleagues and they asked, ‘Really? But how?’

I answered, ‘I don’t know but something inside of me tells me that it is possible’. They shrugged their shoulders and said, ‘All right’.

For you to actually understand the challenge I was about to face must explain the situation. Back then, Brazil’s currency was 6 or 7 times less than the dollar, which I would have to multiply by two in order to take my partner with me, Prof. Leticia Ziebell. This was a small fortune for a boy slightly over 20, who was just starting his life as an instructor in a very small city of the South of Brazil.

During one week, I planned and arranged for so much, made many small deals, booked an endless number of classes and, with extreme strength and struggle, in less than 20 days, I managed to make enough money to go on a trip that would change my life forever.

It was during this trip that I understood many things of the philosophy I teach. During this trip I had many insights about my life. As a matter of fact, it was on my stopover in London (the flight was Sao Paulo – London - Dheli) that I realized this was where I wanted to build my home.

As a twenty-year-old boy the experiences I was going through would frequently leave me overwhelmed in tears. I would often find myself back in the hotel room having outbursts from all the beautiful and powerful things that I saw flourishing inside of me, for everything that I was living.

All this transformation occurred to me due to an intuitive flash that I took hold of in a Monday morning! If I had left my rational mind take power, I would have it eclipse my flash and I would not be living here, I would very probably still be in the South of Brazil, you would not be reading this text and you would not be practising with us!

The next time that you have an intuitive flash, take hold of it, for it may radically change your life for the better!