Pránáyáma: Expansion of bio-energy through breathing exercises


Expansion of bio-energy through breathing exercises

Prána means bio-energy; ayáma, expansion, breadth, intensity, elevation. Pránáyáma designates techniques that are always of a respiratory nature and conduct to the intensification or expansion of prána in the body.

Prána, the vital energy that penetrates our body through respiratory labyrinths, taking the blessing of life to our core and, from there, to the rest of our being, physical and subtle.Prána, the biological energy without which not a single life form, animal nor plant, would be possible.Prána, that which brings the cure and regeneration to every cell.To live, all beings need to breath. Breathing, we incrementally raise our vitality, revitalizing, reconstituting our fibers, filling them with life itself.Controlling the rhythms of breathing, we dominate our emotions and actions.Alternating the depth of respiration, we conquer new states of consciousness.Interfering voluntarily in the act of breathing, we cross the boarder between consciousness and unconsciousness.This is pránáyáma!

Author: DeRose