Open Classes at Hyde Park!

Sign up now to find out more!Starting on the 17th of April, and continuing until late September we will be holding Open DeRose Classes every Sunday at noon at Hyde Park. These free classes will be open to any member of the public that wants to join, and will last 1 hour. We hope to encourage everyone to try something new, that will make them feel energized, healthier, and less stressed, whilst being able to enjoy a great day in the park with friends. Two or more of our instructors will be present at all times to ensure that those participating are carrying out the exercises correctly.

The DeRose Method celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and currently has over 300 establishments and 1 million practitioners worldwide. It hopes to provide Londoners with the incentive to get fit and improve their quality of life! Similar sessions were hosted in 2009 in New York City’s Central Park.

When discussing the event, the Director of DeRose Method London, Prof. Gustavo Cardoso, stated, “The park will serve as the perfect environment to host DeRose Method classes. We’re very excited about this, and really hope it will entice Londoners to enjoy a more healthy and active lifestyle!”