How Is The DeRose Method Different?

Author: Gustavo Cardoso We are one of the few institutions that work for the well-being of mankind in a complete way. Whether you wish to evolve and develop your mind or not, you will feel much better both physically and mentally after a couple of weeks of practice.

For some, losing weight, increasing muscle tone, improving the lungs capacity, and creating a beautifully shaped body is not enough, they are looking for more. For these people that are looking for more, having this would be like sitting at a beautiful table, with amazing food to eat only the crumbles...

On the other hand, today there are numerous institutions that focus solely on bringing spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. However, this too, is an incomplete goal, as human beings cannot be healthy unless their emotions, mind and body are in sync. These cannot exist without each other!

Right now you are probably asking yourself: "What do they do?"

We are the only institution that brings body and mind together providing you with amazing physical health, emotional balance, stability and a serene mind without any type of religious background, mysticism or spiritual concepts. We are strictly technical, and we keep ourselves like that, as we believe this is the only way to have control over ones life.

The TIME magazine released an article talking about the number of people that practise similar techniques in the US and all the benefits of doing so. Please click here to read.

The DeRose Method comprises a bundle of 8 techniques that help improve your memory, concentration, emotional balance (in a way you have never felt before), and your self-confidence among many others. Thus, you start to trust more in your abilities, feelings and mental faculties, even some you didn't suspect you had. In addition to this you will see improvements to your physical body regardless of your age, and start feeling light again and full of energy.

How would you feel if, with time and naturally, your body started asking you for more juices, fruit, nuts and vegetables, without any effort to change anything at all? Well that is what happens when one practices the DeRose Method. Even if the practitioner is a smoker, for example, and has no intention to stop smoking, he/she will certainly feel the craving less after practising... and this is just the beginning.

With time, the practice of the DeRose Method, along with advice from the instructors at the school and your personal will for self-improvement will enable you to become a more flexible individual, thus making you more fit to cope with life and be ready and open to the unexpected! I encourage you to make the commitment right now to improve your quality of life. Book a trial class or enroll yourself at our school and reshape your universe.

I sincerely look forward see you at our school.