Advice from Professor DeRose to Improve Your Health

“We call poison that which kills us quickly; and food that which kills us in the long term.”

Author: Professor DeRose

 • Do not mix salt with sugar in the same meal. So, no desserts.

• Preferably, do not use salt or sugar. Try to reduce those two impostors. The drastic reduction of salt helps greatly increased flexibility in the asanas. Salt also makes you less sensitive, cutting the subtle perceptions.

• Do not combine citric fruits with sweet fruits.

• Do not take liquids with meals. Only half an hour before or half an hour later. (When Guarani Indians of Argentina as invited to dinner they often respond: "Thank you. I have already drunk.") Far from meals, drinking plenty of mineral water.

• Change brands of mineral water every so often.

• Use bottled water or filtered water even for making tea and cooking.

• Do not throw out leftover water from cooking vegetables. This water is rich in minerals and can be used to cook something else, such as the rice. Besides the nutritional benefits, the other dish will have more flavour.

• Restrict the use of mayonnaise, eggs, cream, butter, and animal fats and other fats that are in a solid state at room temperature.

• Remember that in some recipes, cream may be substituted for yoghurt; other, for sesame paste (tahini).

• Reduce the dairy to a minimum.

• Butter, almost always, may be substituted for olive oil extra-virgin.

• The state of your plate after you have finished eating can indicate the degree of cleanliness or dirtiness of the food you placed in your body. If the dish is very clean, that you almost do not need to wash it, your body will be clean as well. If you need your dish detergent and hot water to get the food off, imagine the state of your internal organs after digesting it.

• Adopt spices, as well as enhancing the flavours they aids digestion, help process fats, benefit the liver, gallbladder, intestines, give vitality, increase sexual energy and invigorate the entire body. These spices include: ginger, clove, cinnamon, oregano, cumin, thyme, turmeric, coriander, curry, nutmeg, cardamom, marjoram, basil, parsley and chives, garlic or onion and some forty more varieties that are relatively easily in supermarkets .

• Eat fibre, whole grains, brewer's yeast, ginseng, garlic. Be careful not to salute your friends with the garlic breath though. A very good thing to do once in a while is to swallow capsules of garlic oil or a whole garlic clove before going to bed. This way by the morning you will have processed and eliminated a good part of the friend - scaring – smell, make sure to brush your teeth, shower, eat something to ensure you leave the garlic smell at home.

• Eliminate immediately all aluminium cookware. Adopt cookware made of glass, iron, steel, agate, clay, stone, etc.. Avoid non-stick films: there is a serious suspicion that are carcinogenic.

• Watch, smell, and truly taste your food during each meal. Do not ingest while reading or distracting yourself with something else. You will notice that eating will be more pleasurable and you will eat less as you will feel content with less quantities.