Do You Have An Unhealthy Breathing Habit?

Imagine someone who eats fast food every single day of their life.

Each morning they wake up, guzzle down gallons of Coca Cola, cram their mouths with chocolate bars... before grabbing their coat and heading to Pizza Hut for breakfast.

This kind of person is at high risk of obesity, diabetes and any number of other major health problems.
But obviously you already knew that. The question is...
Is the way you think about breathing the same way that our fast-food loving friend thinks about his diet?
If you’ve never learnt to breathe properly or never done any breath training before then the answer is probably YES.
Breathing correctly is about more than just doing the bare minimum to stay alive. After learning about breathing, my students tell me how they feel more energetic and start feeling less stressed by work and life in a matter of days.

And the benefits of lower stress levels are obvious and extremely well proven: a stronger immune system, better digestions, better sleeping patterns, less migraines... I could go on with this list for a very long time.

For me the most interesting benefit of learning to breathe better is the immediate boost in emotional awareness that our students report. That is, the ability to think objectively and be more aware of their emotions rather than just acting on them automatically and compulsively.

Why is emotional awareness important?

  • In a stressful meeting it’s the person who thinks most clearly that wields the most influence

  • In an exam it’s the student who keeps her mind serene and focussed that gets the best grades

  • And it’s the sportsman who knows how to breathe correctly that has the winning edge over his competitors

Breathing exercises are one of the first things that we teach at DeRose Method London and it’s because they’re such an easy way to improve people’s everyday performance levels.

I better go now but if you would like to learn more about breathing you’re more than welcome to pop into our school and ask one of our friendly instructors for some free 1-to-1 advice.

We also run regular classes specifically about breathing (because we think it’s so important).

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about breathing. Next month I’m going to be writing about good nourishment, one of our concepts. 

Gustavo Cardoso