We reveal the secret to a long and happy life (…and it’s not what you were hoping)

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Do you want to live a long and happy life? ‘Master’ guru SMARTananda reveals how this one little-known secret effortlessly gives you the life you always wanted in just 2 weeks…

You can’t deny that these marketers are clever. The way that they pray on our basic human desires to feel happy, secure and accepted. And the way that they dangle the promise of instant gratification within arm’s reach only for it to evaporate as soon as your credit card payment leaves your bank account.

I thought I’d set the record straight and tell you the real ‘secret’ to living a long and happy life. It’s what I’ve learnt from 22 years of working with The DeRose Method and hundreds of conversations I've had with doctors, nutritionists, neurologists, physiotherapists and gym trainers.

Okay, here goes…

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough good quality sleep, preferably at the same time every night
  • Invest in your relationships with your family and your best friends
  • Do meaningful work that you love instead of a job that you do just for money or image

What? You already knew all that?

Exactly, that’s the point.

We’ve known what the ingredients for a happy life are for decades and the answers are obvious.

So, if you already know the answers why haven’t you mastered them all already?

It’s because we live in a culture where those kind of values aren’t the norm. We are all a product of our environment and if everyone at your office eats fast food, binge drinks and lives a crazy stressed-out life those things feel like the normal way for you to live too.

It’s only when you experience a different kind of environment and spend time with people who have a different set of priorities in life that change becomes possible.

At the DeRose Method we don’t sell ‘secrets’ and ‘miracle cures’. Everything we teach is easy-to-understand, dare I say it, common sense advice. What we offer that’s unique is a supportive, nurturing environment full of like-minded people.

We’re a million miles away from the workaholic, instant gratification, status-obsessed world that dominates the media. And we’re proud of that.

If you’ve not already experienced it for yourself (or if you have and you’ve got a friend you want to bring into the fold) come and pay us a visit at Wetherby Mansions - because our door is always open to you.

Kind Regards

Gustavo Cardoso