Make the most of the magic moment


Everything in life has a magical moment. If you let this moment slip by it will probably never do it.

As the forefathers used to say of people who were deep in thought: “Those who think don’t marry”. And they don’t marry indeed.

Therefore, when the love of your life appears, do not think twice. Give yourself fully, body and soul. Is there a possibility of failure? Of course.

But there is also the chance you may become the happiest person in the world. You will never know if you don't see it through. Some people live behind walls, to avoid any possibility of a broken heart. They may indeed get what they want shielding themselves.

On the other hand, they will never experience moments of intense happiness which only arise when you dive head first, when you surrender yourself and experience mutual trust.This is true of all things. If you think too much, you will never leave the mediocre job to become the master of your life. If don’t think too much, you will not feel the paralysing fear.

When you act at the right time you will have the courage to let go of it all, risking everything to change your profession. After you have taken the decisive step and changed careers, you will be so deeply involved with the project that there is no other alternative but to win: the rear has been burned, there is no turning back. That is how to win.

If you take advantage of the magical moment you will change your life. If you don’t, you never will change. But beware: this does not mean acting on impulse, or having irrational attitudes. It means simply that when a real opportunity comes by, you should know how to grab it before it disappears. The most successful people and the happiest people are those who know how to seize an opportunity.

[Original text by DeRose, translated by Fabio Martins, DeRose Method Tribeca].