Where is my mind?



There are times like New Year or the return of holidays that people often stop and think about what activities they want to make in the coming months and how to organize them. Some go deeper and evaluate their goals are and how the previous year went. By making this observation sometimes they find their life is not what they want the most, and that in the rush of everyday life, dreams and projects were shelved. What they do not realize is that their thoughts, whether conscious or not, are those who build these realities and daily a lot of mental energy that could focus on your goals, it is often overlooked.

Is it possible to reverse this? Yes, of course. Through regular practice of mentalization techniques this may change. According to the Royal Spanish Academy mentalization is to prepare or predispose someone's mind in a certain way. But when we talk about visualizations techniques we refer to those who develop mental potential and teach us to lead the thoughts at will to create an image, a mental mold or archetype of something you want to happen.

The mentalization can be applied on oneself, on others or living things and used for a very specific purpose such as travel, professional achievement, a stable loving relationship, etc.

Every time we set our minds we are focusing our energies on what we want to conquer and further increase the strength to perform the actions that will lead us to achieve our goal.

Now, let's practise: Choose a goal. It can be professional, athletic or affective. It is important that you focus only in one thing. Choose what you want the most to achieve. Visualize yourself like you're watching a movie. Mentalize you're reaching that goal.

Visualise all the details, do not put limits. Always Mentalize positively what you want to conquer.

Repeated this visualization every day.

When you start to concentrate better, look for a place where you can't be interrupt, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Then with a little training, you will notice that this is no longer needed and you can mentalize anytime anywhere.

Text adapted by Silvina Tenembaum

Source: http://www.metododerose.com.ar/blog