Happiness - The High Performance Accelarator

A theme always in vogue in various areas is  high performance. Books on the subject in sports, business, relational, multiply the shelves of bookstores. We see TV shows talking about how to be number one in anything: tennis, soccer, running, and not only that, how to get rich, how to influence people and so on. But what really is high performance? What is to be done? What is success? How do you measure that? I have to be better than the other or that is a perception of myself?

In a society increasingly competitive and individualistic, we tend to perceive our only comparatively achievements, if we are in the first place on the podium is what counts.

Is that what really sets if we have success, if we are made, if we have an excellent performance? Victor Frankl wrote the book In Search of Meaning, after having been  years stuck in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany in the Great World War 2 and noted that in those extreme pain and suffering people who survived had something in common: after all , be sure that life had a greater sense and those who lost their perspective, delivered the adverse circumstances surrounding them did not last more than a few days.

According to research from Harvard University, doctors in a positive state of mind shown three times more intelligence and creativity than those who are in a pessimistic or neutral state and has 19% more accurately and quickly in their diagnosis. This same survey shows that optimistic salespeople close more business 56% that pessimistic or neutral.

We are very much focused on what we should not do and what we did wrong, we learn through pain, we can not see that happiness comes before success, but if we are more positive since the beginning of our path to success and the achievement of our goals and objectives we will be more likely to achieve the results we want. If we see sense in what we are doing we will have more strength to endure any difficulties that life in present along the way.

People who seek a different result for life, for competitions, for their companies has very interesting features: it does not have the ideal conditions for expected result happens, they create them; focuses above average in their activities; assume responsibility for the outcome of their actions and do not put the blame for his mistakes on others; has more proactive and positive attitude to life events, among others.

To break the inertia, you must first be willing to leave the common place and incorporate the conviction that today should be better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. Understand that having a great life requires discipline, patience and humility. And before all this started any journey with joy, and enthusiasm, because there is no guarantee that we will get the target we want, then do not take the process we will be putting our lives out. Try! GET INSPIRED!

Fabiano Defferrari Gomes

[Original text by Fabiano Defferrari Gomes, translated by Sonia]