Perspectives. What is your point of view?


by Carlo Mea

Observe the above picture. When seen looking straight at the picture it looks like a frog, yet when seen from an angle it looks like a horse. If two people observe from different angles each will see a different reality. So, who is right?

In a conflict between two people, it is a waste of time and effort to try to prove who is right; Both can simultaneously be correct, each with their own personal perspective. Conflicts arise when people try to impose their personal point of view as an absolute truth. When someone wants to prove they are right and the other person is wrong or at fault, they are really trying to claim victory over that person (win-lose situation).

A more evolved concept of victory would be one in which both win (win-win situation), but for this to occur it’s necessary that both parties have the maturity to accept the opinion of the other, even when it’s very different from one’s own. This kind of attitude in the relationship allows for rich diversity, rather than a clash of reason and intellectual colonialism. It becomes an opportunity for learning and mutual enrichment.

We all come from different cultures, educational backgrounds and have had a different life experiences, so it's normal for us to interpret reality differently than others. Different shouldn't be wrong. Professor DeRose teaches, "Reality is a matter of perspective." Do not be blinded by your personal perspective and rigid in your views, instead, be enriched with the diversity of other people!