7 (good) reasons why you should practise with us

1. Guaranteed results

We're so sure that you're going to love our school that we guarantee results. Here's our promise: "If you're not 100% satisfied with your experience - you get your first month's membership fees returned with no questions asked"

2. A complete lifestyle regime

The DeRose Method is a complete approach to life. Our classes and activities cover everything you need to improve your quality of life. From strength & flexibility training, meditation, stress-management, nutrition and social events... we've got it all covered.

Everything we teach is based on a lifetime's work by Professor DeRose - a highly respected author, teacher and philosopher who founded the first DeRose School in 1964.

3. Champions practise the DeRose Method

Kelly Slater, eleven-time World Surfing Champion • Guga Kuerten, former World No. 1 tennis champion • Graciele Herrmann, Olympic Swimmer • Antonio Antonioli, Ju Jitsu champion of Brazil, Pan America and Europe • Katja Kortstorm, of Cirque du Soleil

They all rely on the DeRose Method to reach the highest levels of performance in their fields.

4. Small classes

We don't believe in cramming as many people as possible into every class. Instead we think people learn best when they get lots of individual attention.

That's why our average class has 1 instructor and 6 students.

5. Highly qualified instructors

The instructors at DeRose Method London all have at least a decade of experience each. They're renowned for their knowledge, expertise and friendliness.

All DeRose Method instructors undergo extensive training and revalidate their certifications annually.

6. A Worldwide Network

The DeRose network is represented by over 250 establishments worldwide. Join DeRose Method London and you can use any of our other schools at no extra cost.

With locations in London, New York, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Lisbon, Rio, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires you get access to the same excellent service, friendly atmosphere and expert instructors wherever in the world you find yourself.

7. Long term and efficient results

95% of people that begin classes with us become lifelong practitioners. So we must be doing something right.