Mental Shifts That Highly Successful People Make (Tips From Gustavo Oliveira)

First, what does it means to be successful? Second, what tips are there on how to be successful? Well, it can mean several different things for each individual. For this topic, let's assume that a highly successful person is someone who has gained financial prosperity and/or has made their dreams come true.

I have been coaching people worldwide, including leaders, entrepreneurs and athletes using the DeRose Method. Throughout my years, I have realized that most people fail not because they lack hard skills — such as, technical skills — but because many do not have the Soft Skills needed to succeed. Some of the more critical skills (Soft Skills) and principles that are necessary to succeed, are not taught in many traditional institutions.

8 Things A Man Should Always Have With HimI was lucky enough to encounter the DeRose Method 14 years ago. Since then, the method has allowed me to train and learn how to develop the following mental shifts that highly successful people make.

They Transform A Negative Into A Positive And Turn Failures Into Opportunities

Let's be honest, nobody likes to face difficult situations. We tend to run away from pain and chase pleasures, but what if we could shift our mind's perspective to look at problems and bad situations as opportunities? Successful people know how to make better decisions by leveraging failures and turning them into new opportunities. Instead of letting failures get the best of you, start learning from them so that you do not repeat them.

They Collaborate With Peers And Teams Instead Of Seeing Them As Competition

When we believe in scarcity, we tend to compete against everyone as if there is not enough success to go around. Most highly successful people tend to create an ecosystem of prosperity around them. They believe that, when the tide goes up, all the boats go up, too. The ecosystem built helps one another; it's a win-win situation. Successful people sum strengths and abilities instead of competing with each other. If you are a leader, you can create this atmosphere of cooperation, and, if you are a team member, you can naturally apply such ability to unify people for higher achievement.

The individual will always be weaker than the power of a group. So, start leveraging this power, not just in your favor, but in everybody's favor.

They Have Discipline And Consistency

Achieving success often takes a lot of years. Therefore, discipline and consistency are key. Steve Jobs once said that he was convinced that 50 percent of what separates successful people from those that aren't is pure perseverance. Although this concept may seem obvious, many people do not know how to develop discipline.

Our brain works through conditioning. Conditioning is a biological function that allows us to automatize tasks and behaviors. We learn how to drive a car through repetition until, one day, we automatize most of what is needed to drive properly; which then allows us to listen to music and talk to somebody while doing so. But, remember how difficult it was in the beginning when you hadn't yet internalized it?

On the other hand, as we have good conditioning, we also have the bad ones. Ones that we learned unconsciously throughout our lives. So, if you want to have discipline, you need to first change such conditioned behavior, step-by-step. Once you acquire the new behavior, you need to maintain it consistently through practice and repetition.

They Never Fear Failure

Many leaders of the most innovative companies in the world claim that one must fail, fast and often, to rapidly learn the dos and don'ts faster. But, this mindset is not typical, since most people fear failure. I have been coaching entrepreneurs for many years, and many of them fail because they are so afraid of failure that they do not even try. It seems absurd, but it is more common than you think. So, right now, start failing as fast as you can — of course, not with the intention of failing, but with the purpose of testing (in safe and controlled environments), all of the variables that impact your business. Risk what you can afford to lose.

They Take Care Of Their Body And Mind

Have you ever experienced a hard day of work after sleeping poorly the night before? You feel exhausted, low energy, low enthusiasm and are mentally tired. Not cultivating good physical health and a clear mind is something that will hold you back. Many people say they don't have time for this. But, this mental shift is a must, and a fundamental part of being successful. So, not prioritizing it means that your actions counter what you really want. It is crucial to set time aside to get your body and mind fit through physical activity (for the body) and meditation (for your mind).

Many people ask me how to start or when to start working on these mental shifts. My answer is this: The most important action is the first step, so take it, start from any of these points, but start now.


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