Manage your stress using breathing techniques

The objective of this short technique is to bring more awareness and consciousness to the way you breathe and through this process take a few steps towards improved self esteem and confidence.

Note this is not a therapy, if you suffer from any condition seek professional medical help. This tip, much like the DeRose Method, is not a form of therapy — we would not be qualified for that!it is indeed a way to boost your performance.

So before you start check a couple of things:

1) blow your nostrils and make sure they are not obstructed. For the entirety of this technique we will ask you to breathe exclusively through your nostrils.

2) you body’s position does matter. Try to find a place where you will not be interrupted, where you can sit down and where you can keep your back straight — don’t lean back on the seat. Also pay attention to the position of your neck and keep it along the same line as your
spine, in other words, it is as if you want to be looking slightly up.

Now that you are setup spend the first few moments at simply noticing how you breathe. Try to inhale and exhale slower, using a greater capacity of your lungs. The next time you breathe try to pay attention to each stage in your breathing: inhalation, retention of the air whilst your
lungs are full, exhalation and retention of your lungs empty.

Maintain this breathing and when you next inhale project your abdomen outwards, giving you more room to expand your lungs. When you exhale contract your abdominal muscles to compress your lungs. Your next breathe will have even more air than before. Continue to breathe exclusively through your nostrils. Deeply and slowly.

If you are ready, increase the difficulty. If you so not feel comfortable continue executing this variation until the end of the time. To increase the difficulty add a rhythm. For example, use a
measure of 4 seconds for each stage of your breathing:

* 4 seconds to inhale;
* 4 seconds to keep your lungs full;
* 4 seconds to exhale;
* 4 seconds to keep your lungs empty.

All it takes is 5 minutes. After this time, observe yourself and try to notice your state of mind, your state of being.

Text adapted by Fabs, DeRose Method Tribeca article