Message to the Woman

"Life is beautiful when you have someone besides you, whom you can truly love, without reserve, giving yourself completely, body and soul. Someone we may offer our life to, our heart throbbing with emotion. Someone we may make pújá to with our tears of happiness and with those of grief. Someone to share the suffering, the solitude, the despair, but also the glories of a mission accomplished side by side, hand in hand…

Give it a thought: how beautiful to have the privilege to be chosen among thousands, among millions of people, to live moments of peace and love besides someone and, on and on throughout life, both dissolve in ecstasies of supreme joy, attainable only with the loved one! And, year after year of pleasure, happiness and personal accomplishment, have the contentment of growing old by the side of the right person! Without ever regretting what you never did – there is no worse regret than that…

… And then, together, marking Mankind and the Universe with the strength generated."


DeRose Method Choreography by Prof Yael Barcesat