Book Release "Furry Angels, Dog Education Method"

Last weekend Professor DeRose released his book Furry Angels with a book signing held at DeRose Method TriBeCa.

DeRose wrote this book to share all the wonderful tips the author has learned since beginning the education of Jaya, a weimaraner, a large dog breed that has been unfairly accused of being difficult to train. While this book is not intended to teach dog training techniques, the author has managed to get great results, winning a companion for walks, playing around, traveling, hanging out at the beach, visiting friends, being a loved one at work, and company in bed. Jaya is so well behaved that she has even been to the theatre with her human.

About the author:
In 1960 Professor DeRose started to teach a discipline that later was registered as the DeROSE Method, with the goal of promoting high performance in sports, work and human relations. Over the years, the DeROSE Method has expanded to multiple countries.

DeRose published his first book in 1969. In 2015 he had written over 30 books that are published in France, England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil and the United States. He has been giving courses in many different universities in Europe and in the Americas since the 1970’s. DeRose has become recognized as an accomplished writer, tireless educator, professor in the behavioral area for 56 years and publisher since 2005.

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