Coping with stress (Part 2)

In this article we are going to continue the tips to manage stress and to experience the techniques of the DeROSE Method. These tips require around 5 min each, a total of 10 minutes
out of your day which could really change your response to stress.

Everyday, every time, take care of your body! The time in the same position plus the stress will tighten up your muscles. So practical tip: stretch your body. All you need is 5 minutes. Pay close attention to your spine and use its full range of movements.

:: 1st minute
Take a moment and straighten your spine. Spend 30 seconds balancing
yourself in one foot and then the other. If you can do it with your
eyes closed.

:: 2nd minute
Lean your body to your left. Be careful not to twist your hips. All
you need is 30 seconds to each side.

:: 3rd minute
Sitting down with your legs crossed, bring your left hand behind your
back supporting your back and being your right hand to your left knee,
twisting your spine. Stay in a comfortable position for the fist few
moments and then exhale to give your maximum. Once again. 30 seconds
is all you need for each side.

:: 4th minute
Stretch your legs in front of you and rest your body forward. Try to
touch your forehead on your knees whilst keeping them straight and
locked in. Aim for comfort. After 30 seconds return and lie down
facing the ground. Bend your knees and hold onto your ankles. Then
give your best effort to push with your thighs raising your knees and
torso off the ground. If you are able, try to look at the ceiling of
the room. All you need is 15 seconds.

:: 5th and final minute.
If you are able to execute an inverted position do so now if not,
just lie with your back on the floor and raise your feet above your
head. If you are able stay the minute in this position.

If you do this short routine you will notice that your body will perform much better for
the rest of the day.

All it takes is 5 minutes. After this time, observe yourself and try to notice your state of mind, your state of being.

Text adapted by Fabs,DeRose Method Tribeca article

No more stress, please!


Stress in itself is not a bad thing. Without it, human beings would be vulnerable and would not be able to fight, work, or survive. However, the bad about this , is when stress levels become excessive and we lose control over it. The DeRose Method teaches various techniques to help maintain and control healthy stress levels without making severe changes to your everyday lifestyle.


Stress is the psycho-organic state produced by the gap between your potential and the challenges that you need to be face to achieve this. To manage it, you do not have to limit yourself to relaxation. Rather you need to increase your energy to empower your potential, and face the daily challenges. Without this stimulus, the human being would be vulnerable and could not fight, work or create with the necessary aggressiveness. Bad is the excess stress or lack of control over it. Between a psychophysical alert or another, the person would be able to redo this state of extreme organic and mental tension. Therefore, it would be necessary that there was less stress state or else specific techniques to minimize the generalized fatigue resulting therefrom.


Our techniques are really powerful to reduce stress to healthy levels, to minimize general fatigue, and to eliminate the chain reaction of secondary effects such as: heart attacks, high blood pressure, migraines, insomnia and depression.

Article based on an original text by Prof DeRose

One of these techniques is Breathing Re-education

With this simple technique you can learn to effectively regulate your breathing patterns. The abdomen is the first part of the body that we tense when we are stressed.

  • Take deep breaths expanding your abdomen each time you inhale and retracting when you exhale (make sure you are moving your abdomen).

  • Breath in for 4 seconds, holding your breath with your lungs full for 4 seconds, exhaling in 4 seconds and holding without breath for 4 seconds.

In one year's time you will wish you had have started today!

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