A sick generation ?

Author: Gustavo Cardoso

I have watched with some awe a multitude of my friend's parents getting sick. All falling victims to the same disease: cancer.It seems that by the time people reach their 60's they are doomed to get this dreaded disease. What I find strange is that we do not pay enough attention to the importance of our daily habits, and the effects they will have on our future. In my view there is something very wrong with our habits, specifically when it comes to our diets and lifestyles.

It is very important for us to re-think these aspects of our life, because at the end of the day we are what we eat and we live how we work (today well over one third of our lives are spent immersed working). You will probably agree with me that today we see an alarming amount of obese people in the street and every day we hear about friends or family getting various types of

cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and muscoloskeletal disorders.

This is not a coincidence, and this is what I wish to draw your attention to. This is a results of the way we live our lives. I do not have anything against the occasional culinary orgy, but no digestive system can withstand this on a daily basis. Our society has never before eaten so many chemicals, preservatives, colourants, accelerators of growth hormones and antibiotics by indirect means as we do today. Humans have never drank so many fizzy drinks and eaten as many animal products as today.

I recommend you visit the WHO website, Not Milk, and watch Earthlings. I must warn that this movie is very strong and you will have to have a strong stomach to watch it. I have no doubt that the formula leading many of the common diseases we see today is very much like this: Too much food + sugar + salt + stress + lack of physical activity and the leader of the villains, meat and alcohol If you think you do not consume more salt and sugar that that which is recommended please take a look at what the

World Health Organizations

recommends in terms of consumption of salt and sugar, and then look for packages of bread, cereal, yoghurt, among others amount of these you've been eating lately. Alcohol and meat however have not gotten as much media as salt and sugar lately, although they are two villains which are far more harmful to our health.

Today I would like to encourage you to reflect on your own diet and lifestyle and on where these may be taking you in the near future.