new year resolutions

Let us help you to create your New Year's Resolutions

Every year the same: eat healthier, exercise more, start something new, enjoy more life, .... the list goes one. 2015 is almost upon us and it's time to write a fresh list of New Year’s resolutions – ones you’ll actually keep this time, the whole year through. Maybe!

Let's put aside those standard irreal resolutions and rather make a flashback and evaluate yourself. Make a kind of self study and set up realistic goals based in long term habits which will really transform your life.

But where to begin? Ask yourself:

What were your most fulfilling moments of 2015?

Can you think about times when your life was really moving? Maybe it was a work promotion, a trip, a simple walk to the park, a festive day, an investment done ... 

Who are the people who supported you this year?

Remember that time you were really in a bind, and that special someone who came through for you? Think about the people who really helped you out this year, in a work-related or personal scenario

Now, simple make your new year's resolutions based in what made you happier in 2015:

Whatever it is, make a resolution to do more of what made you happier. Sometimes, instead of racking your brain to think of new ideas, remember what worked well in the past. Do more. And stick on the people who supported you and make it a resolution to build your friendships with them.

Most important: Make the decision to make your 2016 a fullfilled year!

"Everyday people are improving their lives. It is simply a matter of a decision being made. Let it be you!" Jim Rohn