Concepts for a fulfilled life

Is there anything better than waking up each morning and feeling alive?! With no expectations that today will be a better day than yesterday, or that the day after will be better than today. That good sensation that everything is right, and on its own place. No matter what happens, everything will remain the same, perfect and harmonious. Much more subtle than happiness, with no euphoria, but rather a satisfaction in the form of  a conscious pleasure.

Under this feeling, in our lives and those of others, it is possible to identify a common pattern: an ideal, a purpose, a dream or some other project in life.

But then, everyone has dreams. The question is, how much energy and effort do you put in them? Are any of your dreams part of your ideal of life, does it really make a difference in the way you do things, in the way you act? Does your dream mould your personality, the way you see things? Is your life project bigger than yourself?

Every human being has an intuitive channel. It works as a kind of inner voice. This channel is so strong that it escapes any attempt of understanding. it is at this level that our true desires are expressed, without any judgment, they flower in their purest essence.

These are moments of pure clarity in which we allow ourselves to set up goals in accord with our heart.


The DeRose Method practice increases lucidity. With the strengthening of the biological structure and the increase of concentration, it produces the expansion of consciousness. The result is, after a short while, a better use of the intuition channel, greater clarity and prosperity in all levels: physical, emotional and intellectual.

Practice with discipline and with pleasure. Define what is really important in your life. Take time for everything that brings you happiness, prosperity and stability. Go for it!

The world does not need heroes. The world needs rather more conscious human beings. Start this by working on yourself!

Sonia Ferreira

The Happiness Syndrome

"If you feel unhappy without reason, or apportion these reasons so small, it may be because you are too happy and is unable to metabolize these happiness. Something like indigestion from too much happiness. Think about it and stop complaining in life. Look for some ideal, art, philanthropy and start having to fight for it. You never need to take Prozac." DeRose

Modern man in evolutionary transition has always sought to win and the incentive to win, for millions of years, has been to gain a sense of satisfaction on an emotional and physiological level.  

As humans, when we feel threatened our in-built design to fight or flight takes charge.  If we manage to fight or flight with success, we manage to overcome threatening situations.  

Fighting to win or flighting the clutches of some predator are two scenarios which involve a struggle through which by defeating another, man can satisfy his core needs.  This is at the centre of man’s instincts.  

The trouble for man begins however when neither outcome, fight nor flight, takes effect.  If unable to outdo or flee such an undesirable despot or situation, what triggers immediately is something else leading to a whole host of physiological disorders.  This ‘something else’ has been extensively studied and analysed for many years, in laboratories and in life.

What has resulted from such analysis is “The Happiness Syndrome”.  This phenomena presents an alternative reality to the one we’ve been discussing above. Instead of fighting or fleeing a situation, a surrendering to the status quo takes place.  

Now the human brain has the sophisticated potential to surrender in this way and therefore suppress the need for a euphoric fight or flight.  But by not meeting this instinctive need the brain (ego) steps in and creates explanations for such a defeat, which fails to meet our instinctive drives.

We can call this a false justification and no human, whatever age or background is exempt from such a sorry state.  If such a state of self continues, in short, the individual will without a doubt begin to feel a total lack of satisfaction in life, simply due to the fact that the instinctive drives to fight or flight are not being fulfilled.  

Instead, a state of falsehood or limbo takes over leaving the individual without any experience of reward or achievement.  This absence of struggle to accomplish anything successfully through any kind of adversity is what contributes to The Happiness Syndrome.

The thing we as humans need to avoid is for this ‘unconscious’ state to set in, which mitigates our discontent by serialising unhappy incidents in our lives with convenient (and false) stories which only perpetuate conditions for us to remain in discontent for far too long.

To become conscious is to remind ourselves of our natural and instinctive drives, and to then accept how beneficial all adversity and challenge can be for us.

If factors in our society and within our four walls do not challenge us or our status quo, then we run the risk of preferring an almost static existence where we choose not to engage with opportunities.  Instead we suffocate our basic human drives from being fulfilled therefore keeping ourselves from enjoying a true state of happiness.

Article by Prof DeRose. Newly revised Serena Desai.

The strength which matters

There is an invisible world, compose by images and sensations, which can be touched and measured, but its made only by fruits, not roots. Its only made by effects, not causes.

And there’s an universe of incalculable dimensions, much bigger than we could possible see, but also less obvious. Therefore often unnoticed.

Inside lies a much more intense activity than what we can witness observing our muscles and the amount of weight you lift up.
This is where the magic happens.

There dwells perseverance, courage, determination, focus. The virtue that gives power to our attitudes and actions. Gives intensity to every breath and every heartbeat inside the chest.

It’s what makes the difference between the ordinary and exceptional, between living and building a legacy. This is the force that interests us.

Daniel Suassuma . DeROSE Method Asa Norte . Brasília, Brazil

Perspectives. What is your point of view?


by Carlo Mea

Observe the above picture. When seen looking straight at the picture it looks like a frog, yet when seen from an angle it looks like a horse. If two people observe from different angles each will see a different reality. So, who is right?

In a conflict between two people, it is a waste of time and effort to try to prove who is right; Both can simultaneously be correct, each with their own personal perspective. Conflicts arise when people try to impose their personal point of view as an absolute truth. When someone wants to prove they are right and the other person is wrong or at fault, they are really trying to claim victory over that person (win-lose situation).

A more evolved concept of victory would be one in which both win (win-win situation), but for this to occur it’s necessary that both parties have the maturity to accept the opinion of the other, even when it’s very different from one’s own. This kind of attitude in the relationship allows for rich diversity, rather than a clash of reason and intellectual colonialism. It becomes an opportunity for learning and mutual enrichment.

We all come from different cultures, educational backgrounds and have had a different life experiences, so it's normal for us to interpret reality differently than others. Different shouldn't be wrong. Professor DeRose teaches, "Reality is a matter of perspective." Do not be blinded by your personal perspective and rigid in your views, instead, be enriched with the diversity of other people!

How Is The DeRose Method Different?

Author: Gustavo Cardoso We are one of the few institutions that work for the well-being of mankind in a complete way. Whether you wish to evolve and develop your mind or not, you will feel much better both physically and mentally after a couple of weeks of practice.

For some, losing weight, increasing muscle tone, improving the lungs capacity, and creating a beautifully shaped body is not enough, they are looking for more. For these people that are looking for more, having this would be like sitting at a beautiful table, with amazing food to eat only the crumbles...

On the other hand, today there are numerous institutions that focus solely on bringing spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. However, this too, is an incomplete goal, as human beings cannot be healthy unless their emotions, mind and body are in sync. These cannot exist without each other!

Right now you are probably asking yourself: "What do they do?"

We are the only institution that brings body and mind together providing you with amazing physical health, emotional balance, stability and a serene mind without any type of religious background, mysticism or spiritual concepts. We are strictly technical, and we keep ourselves like that, as we believe this is the only way to have control over ones life.

The TIME magazine released an article talking about the number of people that practise similar techniques in the US and all the benefits of doing so. Please click here to read.

The DeRose Method comprises a bundle of 8 techniques that help improve your memory, concentration, emotional balance (in a way you have never felt before), and your self-confidence among many others. Thus, you start to trust more in your abilities, feelings and mental faculties, even some you didn't suspect you had. In addition to this you will see improvements to your physical body regardless of your age, and start feeling light again and full of energy.

How would you feel if, with time and naturally, your body started asking you for more juices, fruit, nuts and vegetables, without any effort to change anything at all? Well that is what happens when one practices the DeRose Method. Even if the practitioner is a smoker, for example, and has no intention to stop smoking, he/she will certainly feel the craving less after practising... and this is just the beginning.

With time, the practice of the DeRose Method, along with advice from the instructors at the school and your personal will for self-improvement will enable you to become a more flexible individual, thus making you more fit to cope with life and be ready and open to the unexpected! I encourage you to make the commitment right now to improve your quality of life. Book a trial class or enroll yourself at our school and reshape your universe.

I sincerely look forward see you at our school.

Ashtánga Yantra

Author: DeRose

The ashtánga yantra is the symbol of Swásthya. Its origins go back to the most archaic cultures of India and of the planet. Part of its structure is explained in the Shástra Yantra Chintamani. In this classic work, the legend about the illustration states that: “This is the yantra that detains the word in the mouth of the enemy.” It constitutes a true shield of protection, supported by the archetypes of the collective unconscious.Like any shield of protection, it can not be used as a weapon of attack. In this way, no one is able to use it to do harm to any other person. Therefore, if someone attacks another individual protected by the ashtanga yantra, they will seriously injure themselves. For that reason, nearly everyone who uses words to attack the bearer of the ashtánga yantra colect such bitter results.

In drawing it, pay attention to the fact that at the extremities of the trishulas there are not sharp points, but rather curves. In order to rigorously respect its tracing, instead of redrawing it, make a photolithography or scan the illustration above.

Love vs Fear? Which one would you pick?

Ultimately, every action you undertake is rooted in love or fear. Often there is a mixture of both — a confused muddle of motives.

How many times did you miss magic moments because you were afraid to express yourself?

Do not miss the magic moments. Tell everyone what are you feeling....