A very important thing many of us forget.

Today I would like to talk about something that our society does not pay much attention, but it is of incredible fundamental importance for us all.

This is the process of excretion.

I know this may seem crazy, but some days ago i was talking to a friend of mine who complained of abdominal pain. When I asked her what was going on, she was a little shy and uncomfortable to admit that she had not been to the toilet in the last three days. Three days? Unbelievable, not even an alarm had sounded that maybe something was wrong with her. It is scary to know that in our society, especially nowadays, this is something common. Many people with whom I have talked to end up telling me that they have some form of problem in this area. Many people are not aware that accumulating this process may generate serious disturbances in the digestive system and unfortunately, if it carries on, cancer.

It's important that we pay attention to this small factor, reeducating our of digestive system, without paranoia, nor radicalism. Taking small steps we can maintain ourselves healthy.

And so I would like to share with you some small tips which are nothing new, but which may be able to help you:

1. Drink water, keep your body hydrated, it works better this way. Your faeces will transit more easily through your intestines this way.

2. Eat fruit, leaf vegetables, legumes, other vegetables in this order, when possible (and always with their peel).

3. Try to avoid in the maximum way possible meats of any kind, cheeses, and flour.

4. Eat many fruits as you can, when possible with their peel, they are the perfect nutritional food. The more variety of colours the better. If you intestines become blocked, or after a weekend in which you've had a bit too much, and on Monday your intestines may be a little slower, use natural laxatives, such as drinking water eating dried prunes or any other natural laxative you are familiar with.

5. Walk, do exercises, move your body. Do not use chemical laxatives they will only make interesting lazy and will stimulate them to work less well. They may also kill your intestinal flora. I am not familiar with anybody proof of the effects of probiotic yoghurts, but many of my friends say that when they have eaten them, the functioning of their intestines improves.


So here are a few tips. Please remember, when in doubt always consult your doctor. Moreover, do not become radical, don't go into crazy diets, nor anything that a friend may have read on the Internet. There are no miracle cures. The best for your body is a well balanced diet, varied and rich in colours, full of life!f

See you next week.


Personal Hygiene: the practice of hygiene, cleansing and purification

Article by John Chisenhall

Your health, vitality and longevity are all directly linked to the hygiene of your vital organs. It has been well understood for thousands of years that it's simply not enough to clean the visible external layers of the body if we neglect to regularly clean the non-visible internal layers. It would be equivalent to sweeping the dirt underneath the carpet. Only that the carpet, in this case, is your body!

Thankfully, our bodies have developed the phenomenal capacity to clean themselves with emunctory organs (skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, bowels) and vital systems (like the cardiovascular system). The normal function of these organs and systems can be interrupted by bad habits, including poor nutritional choices, consumption of alcohol, tobacco, meats, drugs (illegal and legal), poor stress management, or a sedentary lifestyle.

Needless to say, all of these bad habits are quite common in much of society today and, more often than not, people adopt a prescription over prevention approach to resolve the health problems that arise when these basic functions of the vital organs begin to break down. A clean body, free of toxins, helps to maintain a strong immune system and defend against disease and cancerous processes.

In this first part of our blog series Personal Hygiene: the practice of hygiene, cleansing and purification, we are going to introduce two very important techniques that can be done anywhere and will help maintain excellent health of the intestines and other abdominal organs.

Abdominal vacuum: There are two variants of execution, static and dynamic. This technique is done during a retention without air in the lungs, relaxing the superficial abdominal musculature and intensely retracting the abdominal wall in-and-up with the transverse abdominis until the outline of the ribcage is evident.

Abdominal vacuum with circular massage: This technique is considered to be advanced, demanding a high-domain of muscle control. This technique is done during a retention without air in the lungs, first relaxing the superficial and deep abdominal musculature and applying an isolated activation of the rectus abdominis, creating a circular movement massaging the intestines and abdominal organs.

To learn these techniques correctly contact us to schedule an interview with one of our Certified Teachers at an Accredited DeROSE Method Entity.