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What is the DeROSE Method?

The DeROSE Method is your Brain & Body Academy.

Our method develops your ability to still your mind, and to enhance mental clarity and focus. On the other hand, it will increase your vitality and energy levels, developing a healthy body that will contribute to a healthy brain.

Some of the tools we use are: meditation and focus, respiratory techniques, stress management, strength and flexibility. Our ultimate goal is to develop a high performance living.

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2.000+ techniques

54 respiratory techniques
2.000 physical techniques
35 meditation techniques
and more!


Concepts for life

Enhanced Quality of Life
Self Knowledge
Personal Fulfillment
Good Nourishment
Interpersonal Skills

DeROSE Method Network

A global leader in the field of high performance and quality of life for 58 years.

DeROSE Method All Over the World

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