DeROSE Method develops your ability to still your mind, and to enhance mental clarity and focus.


Our Method is a Lifestyle

We hope that through a trial week you approach the concepts that you will hopefully apply in your daily routine, thus improving your quality of life.

Our school is a pleasant getaway from your busy routine. You will be among friends, enjoying a hot chai and relaxed conversation.

Our classes will increase your vitality and energy levels, developing a healthy body that will contribute to a healthy brain.

We will guide you through breathing, physical exercises and relaxation techniques for becoming stronger, more flexible, healthier and energised.

The small class sizes mean you can reach your specific training goals, evolving quickly and safely, with experienced and dedicated instructors.




In one year's time you will wish you had have started today!

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“DeRose is London best kept secret. I walked in by accident about 2 years ago and have practised ever since. This is the only place in London where I can totally disconnect from a hectic life and focus on the practise. The place is peaceful and welcoming, staffed with a superb team. The practise transforming physically but also mentally. Highly recommended for those who want to gain body awareness in a totally relaxing place. “
— A. M.