Meditation & Mindfulness

Keep a clear head amid the chaos

Improve focus, lower stress, get a clear mind and stable emotions.

In our classes, you will learn practical meditation techniques to increase focus, concentration and intuition, creating new habits adding more effectiveness  assertiveness on your actions.

Gustavo, our most experienced teacher is one of a kind. With large experience in the field, he knows how to guide you to a upper level experience.

Some of the techniques we use are breathing, relaxation, meditation and body awareness and exercises .

A powerful testimonial

I started meditating after feeling out of focus and my productivity at work was going down.

My boss, my wife and my brother had alerted me for that. It was a bit weird not feeling myself,  and I started to have problems to sleep, my mind couldn’t stop, it was like listening to a radio all day long but you don’t know where is the button on off.

When I started DeRose Method classes at DeRose Method Kensington with professor Gustavo, it was a bit uncomfortable doing something that I never did before: close my eyes and make the mind stop.

Concentrating myself, my attention in one thing it was a simple technique, a dead simple technique in fact, but after one week of training with them I started to feel the change: clarity of the mind, focus and emotional stability.  My productivity has gone to the roof!

Six months after, I was the most productive of my division at the bank.

It was not was not just producing more, my interaction with client was far better and at home I was feeling happy and integrated with my family again.

I just wanted to say thank you to professor DeRose and Gustavo, my teacher.

I can easily affirm that the techniques I learnt had changed my life.  Thank you!

James N.