The DeRose Method Techniques

The DeRose Method Techniques

Our bundle of techniques will build your strength, flexibility and most importantly what we call “body awareness”, enabling you to become in tune with your body at every level. We know that body awareness is the most effective and powerful way to achieving your mind and body goals.


Breathing is possibly the single most important bodily function available to us, and it is often taken for granted. When we learn how to master our breath, we are capable of amazing things. Our breath is our fuel for sports, for stamina, for concentration, for keeping our nerves and for relaxing. With 54 breathing techniques in our method, we spend time on teaching these vital skills in every single class.


Being strong is not just a physical condition but a state of mind. We train strength exercises with an emphasis on permanence rather than multiple ‘reps’.  This leads to quick, effective physical results and the practitioner starts to notice a new found mental strength and resilience. Utilising a range of 2000 physical techniques, every class is different and tailored to the needs and mood of the small group class, from total beginners to advanced.


In today’s society, we are overloaded with a constant stream of information and images, bombarding our senses and minds. It can make it difficult to focus at work, to revise for an exam…it can even be difficult just to sit down for five minutes and do nothing, without the need to check our phones, to worry and to think too much.


One of the most important and overlooked aspects of our physical health is our flexibility. Sitting at desks for hours everyday, we quickly lose our naturally mobility and range of movement, which can eventually become debilitating. Flexibility is so important, is it a feature in all of our classes, but don’t worry if you are someone who considers themselves “inflexible”.

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