A Powerful Mind in a Strong Body

What is the DeROSE Method?

Method is a proposal of behavior management, which develops high-performance and enhances quality of life.

It teaches techniques – which strengthen the physical structure of the practitioner – and concepts – which improve relationships on a personal level, as well as in the profession and community.

The techniques are used for:

  • Reeducation of the respiratory system
  • Management of stress
  • Management of emotions
  • Development of concentration and meditation
  • Development of strength
  • Development of flexibility

Our concepts are:

  • Good relationships
  • Good manners
  • Good culture
  • Good nutrition
  • Good physical fitness
  • Good mindset
  • Good ideals
  • Good environment




DeROSE Method all over the world



*We do not work with franchise. All schools, associations and culture spaces that work with the DeROSE METHOD are autonomous and independent, each of which has its owner or president and none pays royalties to Commander DeRose.

Body Awareness

The Strength and Flexibility we all want!

Feeling lack of strength is something that no one desire to feel, however desk work and hours in front of a computer can make us feel out of our power.

We can and we have the tools to help you to achieve your maximum performance in sports, work and studies in a intelligent and pleasant way.

On the other hand flexibility combined with strenght is what we all look for, when we manage to achieve that is when we really start to feel ourselves.

At DeRose Method, we have the tools!

Meditation & Mindfulness

Keep a clear head amid the chaos

Improve focus, lower stress, get a clear mind and stable emotions.

In our classes, you will learn practical meditation techniques to increase focus, concentration and intuition, creating new habits adding more effectiveness  assertiveness on your actions.

Gustavo, our most experienced teacher is one of a kind. With large experience in the field, he knows how to guide you to a upper level experience.

Some of the techniques we use are breathing, relaxation, meditation and body awareness and exercises .

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Our Team

Our teachers undertake a rigorous twelve year training programme, and are evaluated annually, a process that ensures their technical excellence. Their commitment to this philosophy and to the transformation of the lives of others is reflected in the quality of their teaching.

Every class is unique, challenging, and rewarding.

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